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What’s New -  October 2012 - continued


Finally, it looks like my foray into the world of graphic novels is alive again. Not only will The Marsh God see a re-release, but a couple other projects near and dear to my heart are on the burner.


What’s New -  September 2012


I was recently interviewed by the folks over at the Inspiration Forum, located in the UK. It was a great interview, with lots of interesting questions. I talk about things like my writing and how Robert E. Howard inspired me. You can read the interview here.


Meanwhile, I sent out a few more stories and continue to wait on some responses.


What’s New -  August 2012


Rogues in Hell received glowing reviews from author Joe Bonadonna at his blog The Dowser’s Delusions (read it here), and from author David West at his blog Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart  (read it here). Both had extremely kind words to say about my story Colony.


What’s New -  July 2012


Rogues in Hell was released, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th. The trade paper back and Kindle version are available at . More formats coming soon. Rogues in Hell includes my story Colony. For an excerpt, go here.


What’s New -  July 2012


Michael H. Hanson, creator of the Sha’Daa series, has come up with a bookmark to supplement the upcoming release of Sha’Daa: Pawns. It’s pretty cool. You can see it here.


On a sad note, Rogue Blades Entertainment is essentially no more. A real shame, as they produced some of the best sword & sorcery and heroic fantasy on the market these days. Most of their ongoing projects have been cancelled, including a couple I was to appear in. One was a project I was going to co-edit, and another was a project I helped provide background information for. Now I need to find a home for a story that was written for a specific theme. Not an easy thing to do.


Still waiting on a few submission responses, too. I’ll admit it’s been a so-so year with an inordinate share of disappointments.


What’s New -  June 2012


The cover for Sha’Daa: Pawns was recently released, featuring my story The Saglek Incident. In addition, a flyer for Rogues in Hell, with my story Colony, was made available for an upcoming convention. Both anthologies will be released later this year.


It is expected Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 1 will be released sometime this year, too.

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