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What’s New - July 2011


Lawyers in Hell was released late last month and is already gathering excellent comments, as well as a great review by Wayne Joseph Borean, found here: Part 1 & Part 2.


Mike Griffith reviewed Sha’Daa: Last Call for Innsmouth Free Press. Of my story Deathstalk, he said: “This one is pure adventure, the character development is good, and the monsters are pretty darn scary. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to say this story really delivers. By the time you get here, the reader is left thinking, ‘Damn, I’m reading a jam-packed book.”’


My Lovecraft/Holmes crossover story, The Case of the Galloway Eidolon, has received some good comments since being published at the Lovecraft eZine, including kind words from Wilum H. Pugmire.


What’s New - June 2011


I added my review of Howard Andrew Jones’ novel The Desert of Souls. The review first appeared at the Rogue Blades Entertainment website.


The Case of the Galloway Eidolon is now available in this month’s Lovecraft eZine.You can read the entire Holmes/Lovecraft crossover story here.


What’s New - May 2011


Work continues on stories for the next volume of the Sha’Daa series as well as for Adventurers in Hell.


The release of Lawyers in Hell is approaching. Click here for a peek at the trailer.


The Lovecraft eZine has accepted my Holmes/Lovecraft crossover story. The Case of the Galloway Eidolon appears in the June issue.


My short story Witiko will appear in the second volume of Bigfoot Among Us, an anthology edited by Eric S. Brown, author of Bigfoot War.


What’s New - April 2011


Rogue Blades Entertainment recently revamped their website and now host guest bloggers. My first article was a review of The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones.


Sha’Daa: Last Call is now available from and (for us Canucks). A third collection is in the works. More later.


The Crane Horror, from the first issue of the Lovecraft eZine, continues to garner good comments. A reviewer from alt.horror.cthulhu said, “...the story was entertaining and I’m glad I read it.”



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