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One Story Short – What happens when robots discover human literature? I couldn’t help but juxtapose today’s mainstream press and small press when I read this story.

Defending Fiordland – A poignant tale of a protected species and the steps taken to ensure its protection against a PETA-like organization equally adamant in its own beliefs.

Silver – This is great little story about a man who has a computer create the perfect date for an upcoming gala, with unintended consequences. Be careful what you wish for.

Crossroad – In a futuristic take on the classic story where Blue’s Master Robert Johnson trades his soul to the devil, a musician trades his blood for an instrument that guarantees eternal fame, with unforeseen consequences.

Growing Pains in the Womb – What happens when a generation ship to the stars suffers from a generation gap?

The Surgical Option – A humorous piece in the vein of Keith Laumer and his stories of Retief and the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne. Enjoyable.

Darkness Ends – Excellent tale of alternate universes and a Roman Empire that never fell. Lots of potential in this one.

No Vacancy – This is a first-rate story of a ship arriving at a planet slated for colonization, only to find a thriving civilization already exists. Facing a hostile reception from the inhabitants, the beleaguered captain must take steps before the main colony ship arrives.

Time Share – The sequel to No Vacancy, it takes place a few months after the events of the previous story. The fates of two civilizations lie in the hands of a bitter woman.

Well, I said I would list some, but ended up providing a synopsis for half of the stories. There are others equally as good that you should discover for yourself.

Gustavo Bondoni has crafted a collection of imaginative tales that I highly recommend. This is an author to keep your eye on.            

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10th Orbit & Other Faraway Places
Gustavo Bondoni